Are you a fan of Raina Telgemeier or Shannon Hale? Then you won’t want to miss the second book in this graphic novel series that’s the Baby-Sitters Club for pets!​​​​ Your favorite dog-walkers are back with even more cute animals—and even more friendship and family drama—in this funny and heartwarming story perfect for fans of Real Friends, Roller Girl, and Allergic!

Best friends Mindy Park, Gabby Jordan, and Priya Gupta are back in business! After a few ups and downs, their dog-walking business is booming and the girls are closer than ever. It’s a dream come true!

But for Mindy, things at home are beginning to feel like a bit of a nightmare. Her mom just started dating someone, which has Mindy feeling like the odd one out. For as long as she can remember, it’s been just the two of them and she doesn’t want that to change. (So what if her mom’s boyfriend has a cute pet cat, and all of Mindy’s friends seem to think he’s pretty cool?)

And things only get worse when a new student named Hazel arrives in class and seems totally into joining PAWS. Sharing her mom feels bad enough, so there’s no way Mindy’s is going to share her best friends and her business, too! But when Mindy’s stubbornness starts to hurt everyone around her, will she be able to overcome her fears and learn that change doesn’t have to be a cat-tastrophe?
Illustrated by Michele Assarasakorn
Written, colored & lettered by Nathan Fairbairn
Copyright Nathan Fairbairn Inc. and Michele Assarasakorn​​​​​​​
★ "Fairbairn’s tale is wholly relatable, perfectly capturing the angst and turmoil of transition. Mindy, though flawed, comes to understand and apologize for her outbursts, especially in her treatment of Hazel. Much like Ann M. Martin’s Baby Sitters Club, this series is poised to feature a different PAWS member in each volume; expect appeal to be similarly high. Assarasakorn’s illustrations are bright and expressive. [...] An honest, heartwarming look at friendship."  —Kirkus Reviews (link)
"This inviting sequel focuses on Mindy's experiences and could be read as a standalone. The authentic tween voice and expressive character designs make for a gentle, slice-of-life story that touches on some big feelings [...] in a series that will only grow in popularity-and cuteness"  School Library Journal (link)​​​​​​​
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