More heartwarming and humorous adventures await in the fourth book of this graphic novel series that is the Baby-Sitters Club for pets!

The dog days of summer are just around the corner! Hazel is looking forward to a break from school—as is the rest of the PAWS team! Gabby's schedule is packed with too many camps to count, plus having to play host to her mysterious cousin from out of town.  And Mindy is set to fly off to visit her dad for a whole month.
Meanwhile, Hazel has her sights set on cat-sitting for new clients. Their cats are adorable, and their house is even wheelchair accessible! The only problem is her friends' schedules are so hectic that Hazel would have to do the job by herself. She knows her overprotective mother would never approve. But what if Hazel never told her? 
Hazel soon learns that keeping such a big secret while also juggling her PAWS responsibilities and staying on top of her physical therapy is no easy task. When disaster strikes, will she be able to hold it all together and prove to everyone, including herself, that she can handle whatever comes her way?
Illustrated by Michele Assarasakorn
Written, colored & lettered by Nathan Fairbairn
Copyright Nathan Fairbairn Inc. and Michele Assarasakorn
In Stores January 14, 2025!
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